October 10, 2008

Baby Shower Gift Idea

The "diaper cake". A great gift for a mommy-to-be. My mom has been making these for years, thanks for the great idea Mom!

The trickiest part is getting the ribbon around the diapers so they stay in place. It takes some time and a little practice. My mom ties a knot with the ribbon and then glues a bow on to hide the knot. I safety pinned my ribbon into place and just turned the cake so you can't see the pins. Her way is more eye-appealing. For this cake, I used 78 (size #1) diapers. My mom usually makes a four tiered cake which uses 112 diapers. It's a little big though, and since this baby shower is at a restaurant, I didn't want to bring a HUGE gift that no one can see around at the table.

You can present your diaper cake like the first picture or you can buy two yards of tulle (I get mine at Walmart for 97 cents per yard), gather it at the top, and tie with a bow. Add a couple of cute toys and you're good to go. I tucked the raw edges of the tulle under the ribbon so it looks more like a fluffy bun thing on top...just something a little different.

Congrats Christi! You're going to be a great mom!

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