January 25, 2009

Hanging Pictures

We moved the first week of December and I am only now getting around to hanging some things on my walls! I found this great trick in a magazine years ago and I thought I would share it with you. My photos for this post aren't that great, sorry. We were halfway through before I thought to grab the camera.

First, make a template of each of your frames. I use my son's art easel paper that's on a big roll. It's cheap and he can color on it after I'm done. Label your templates so you remember which one goes where later on.
I use masking tape to place my templates on the wall. This way, I don't make any holes in my wall until I'm absolutely certain where I want my pictures. I can adjust them and/or switch them out as much as I want and when I am finally satisfied.....then I ask my husband to hang them for me. It takes him no time at all since all the templates are labeled. He just hammers, levels, and DONE!

Now, I could hang my own pictures, but my husband is MUCH faster than I am....so we'll both just stick to what job we are best at, right dear?

Here is a collection of pictures almost finished. If you have a bunch of small pictures like me and a huge wall that they will drown in if hung, try grouping them into a square or rectangle shape. It gives the illusion of one larger piece, even though it's all smaller frames.

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Jen Gillespie said...

Good idea! I think Josh would love it if I used this method...we have too many mess-up holes in the walls. Thanks for the advice.

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