September 22, 2009

Monkey Face

What a cute little guy. And he is so easy to make. Just a few circles cut and glued and you're ready to go. I got this monkey face from the party masks HERE. Click on the picture that says "watch video" and you'll see the mask at the end of the clip.

Brown 4" circle
Brown 2" circle
Yellow 2" circle
Yellow 1.5" circle
black paper
scissors, glue stick, hole punch

Start by gluing your 1.5" yellow in the middle of your 2" brown circle.

Cut in half and you have monkey ears.

Cut your 2" yellow circle about 2/3 of the way down for the mouth. I turned the corners a little so he is smiling.

Glue ears and mouth to 4" brown circle.

Add some hole-punched black eyes and your little guy is complete. I am the art docent teacher for my 5 year old's class at school. We made these monkey faces to decorate art portfolios (another post for those) so the kids will have a place to store all of their art for the year. My son's class is "the monkey class" (each class is a different animal), so these worked great to decorate their bags along with writing their name and their own decorations.
Wouldn't this monkey look great in fabric on a baby onesie? With button eyes? Uh-oh, I just might have to do that sometime.

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Tiffany said...

I love the Britt without boys ya know that right, the one with the boys is pretty sweet too. I got bulliten boards, but never did paint them . . . maybe someday, but for now they are great to display art, so THANKS for the idea.

I linked you to my recipe blog, hope that's ok.

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