March 24, 2010


Aren't these flower nesting bowls fun? There from Martha Stewart Macy's Collection. My cousin gave them to us as a housewarming gift. Very thoughtful and I can see myself using these for many a baby or bridal shower and definitely book club. I don't think my boy-filled family will care too much if I use them on a daily basis as long as there's something yummy inside them that they can devour.

So, not many projects going on right now. My kids have been sick, sick sick the last couple of weeks. We've been to the doctor several times for ear infections, wheezing, fevers, throwing up....I'll stop there and not give you the gory details. I am sleep deprived and feeling pretty uncreative at the moment. I think we're on the mend though (and somehow I miraculously have not caught any nasty germs) and heading to Grandma's house for spring break and Easter. I'm hoping to rejuvenate my mind and body and come back to my house ready to tackle new tasks. My husband is staying behind to save up some vacation time for the summer and will be painting the living room ceiling, walls, and trim when not at work. It's a big undertaking, so stay tuned to see how far he gets while the kids (and I) are out of the way!

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