June 23, 2010

The Not So Great Cake

I had big plans for a planet cake for my son's birthday party last weekend. Swirled fondant covering a sphere with Buzz proudly scaling the uncharted planet. Alas, my fondant was very dry and cracked almost immediately. My cake was not dense enough for the sphere shape and couldn't support the weight of the cracking fondant.
Solution? Start over and make another one. Any other weekend, I probably would have done just that, but my in-laws were flying in that very night and my house was not ready for visitors AND my two youngest were still getting over a three day tummy bug.

So, we ended up frosting the cake with purple and blue swirled cream cheese icing. Not nearly as cool as I wanted, but I just didn't have time to troubleshoot and the birthday boy could have cared less when you got right down to it.

If he didn't care, then I chose not to care too. Happy Birthday and here's to taking the easy route!
Sometimes it just has to be done.

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Summer's Blog said...

It still was cool!

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