July 9, 2010

Fairy Princess Skirt

A friend of mine is having a little girl next month.  She has received lots of baby things already, so I decided to make something that she can use when she's a little bit older.

This skirt is so easy to make.  I don't have pictures of each step, but I think I can easily explain what I did.  First you need:

an elastic headband
ribbon (the more the better)
little jewels (I bought mine at Michaels)
a glue gun

Decide how long you want for the length of the skirt.  Double it and cut your ribbon.  Tie each middle of ribbon to the elastic band, so one ribbon length will give you two strands of the skirt hanging down.

At the bottom of each piece of ribbon, glue two jewels together.
And that is it!  Nice, huh?  A skirt like this with a matching fairy wand would be an adorable birthday or shower gift for any fairy princess.


Machelle Kay said...

That is so cute!!

balloongal said...

We're thinking... Christmas present for our little fairy princess. Thanks for the instructions.

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