September 29, 2010

Baby Boy Gift Idea

After three adorable little girls, my cousin just had her fourth child....a boy!  We were all so excited for their family and decided that we needed to get some "manly" toys in that tutu and pink infested house as fast as possible.

My mom had the brilliant idea to get a dump truck toy and fill the bed with toy cars.  I wrapped the cars up in clear cellophane, added a ribbon, tag, and his first set of car keys.  Now there is at least a little male representation amongst the toys in their house.  Great idea, Mom....I think I'm going to use this idea again sometime.


The Tribe of Scott said...

Turned out really cute! Thanks for putting that together!!

balloongal said...

That's terrific. And so manly.

Tiffany said...

This I LOVE! We are expecting our 1st boy after 3 girls next month! So fun!

cheekybaby said...

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