October 16, 2010

Book Club: the beginning

Some friends and I started a local book club this week.  I was shocked when I moved out here that there were so many new friends that were readers, but no book club!  A few of us decided it was about time and we spread the word.  We had our first meeting at my house and my wonderful hubby painstakingly hung twinkle lights up for me while I made some bite sized snacks.  I kept the table as uncluttered as possible, knowing people would be bringing books to share.  We had a wonderful first meeting and have the next few months assigned and ready to go!  Maybe I'll post what we read and a general feeling of what everyone thought of the book.

Our first selection:  The Giver by Lois Lowry


The Allgaiers said...

How funny! The Giver was our very first pick for our book club! I love book club soo much--I never miss it and we've been going strong for 5 years now. Good luck and hopefully your book club will have the same success!

Grammie Star Wars said...

Hi Sister Crabtree,

This is Haddie Star Wars, Mallory's grandma.

How about "Stargirl" by Spinnelli, really cool book ;.)

Love your blog.

balloongal said...

How nice to have a group get together like that.

Heather said...

That'll be so nice for you- I know you love your books. I don't know how you squeeze it in! These days if I pick up a book I am out in about 10 minutes! If I can get through 1 in a month I am doing really good!

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