December 25, 2011

Purses for Christmas

That's right, I made these adorable purses for Christmas.  Or I guess, technically they are "totes", but you know what I mean.  Used the free pattern HERE at I Am Momma, Hear Me Roar.  Great blog and really great step by step instructions.

This one went to my sister in law.

Inside shot with a double pocket.

Made two of this style: one to my mom, the other to my mother in law.

Detail.  I gots to get me some more of this fabric.  And thanks to my lovely gift certificate that I received for Christmas this year....I think I will do just that.

Inside detail with one large pocket.  Need some more of this yellow too.  Love it.

This one to a dear friend.

And I made one more for my son's autism preschool teacher.  It was purple and gray, with this same yellow fabric on the inside...and I forgot to take a picture!  I guess I'll just have to make another one so I can show you.  These were really fun to make.  I think I may be slightly addicted.  Oh, and if you invite me to a party or shower in the near future...this will probably be your present, just warning you.
Hope you all had a Merry Christmas.  A couple more small projects from Christmas to show you, coming up.


balloongal said...

Those are gorgeous. Well done.

Elder Reiff said...

W.O.W. Brittney. Unbelievably cute. You could soooooooo sell these for a LOT.

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