December 19, 2012

Gryffindor Tie Necklace Charm

I have a couple of friends that are really big Harry Potter fans.  One recently played the piano for me while I sang in church.  The other is a wonderful babysitter to my boys, heading off to college next month.  I saw these amazing Gryffindor tie necklaces HERE and had to make them for gifts.  I followed her directions exactly and found the tie charm at my local Hobby Lobby.  Unless  you have an extremely steady hand, your lines will not be perfect, but once you put the Dimensional Magic on top, it's hard to notice the not so straight lines.

 They both loved them!  And now they have a little Harry Potter magic with them always.  Merry Christmas you two!

1 comment:

sannasue said...

Thanks, Britt. I love it.

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