September 5, 2013

Boy Oh Boy Baby Shower

 A few weeks ago, I helped host a baby shower for a friend expecting her 4th boy!  We went with a "Boy Oh Boy" theme, keeping the decorations and food clean and simple.  Since it was an evening shower, we did a small dessert spread and hung paper lanterns above the table.  Some white cake stands for the food and a little bit of blue tulle and we called it good.

 One of the guests made a diaper trike out of diapers, baby blankets, bibs, socks, and a bottle for the headlight.  I should have asked her how long it took to make!  Super cute and would make a great centerpiece at a baby shower.

Another friend did some fun games and made an adorable video of the three older brothers talking about their new addition to the family.  It was so cute and something that the Mom to be can take home with her to cherish for years to come.  Such a great idea.

 As guests left, we had a small treat for them to take home.

The push pop containers were bought at a local craft store and filled with mini cupcakes or brownies, layered with frosting.

On a personal note, sorry for not keeping up on this blog lately....if anyone actually reads it anymore.....(crickets chirping).....

We've been busy with summer traveling and getting back to school.....AND growing our own little baby!  I'm due with my 4th around the end of March and we are excited for this new adventure.  I could be having my 4th boy, just like my friend!  And I can honestly say that I would be completely ok with that.  Boys are awesome!  We'll find out the gender after Halloween sometime, so stay tuned and hopefully I'll get a few more things up on the blog before then.


Heather said...

Still reading! I am impressed with how much you manage to do with 3 kids, and I am sure a 4th wont slow you down! :0)

Stefanie said...

I'm still here!! =o) Love your blog .. and I loved this shower. It was beautiful. You always do a wonderful job!

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