October 10, 2013

Book Review: Lucid by Adrienne Stolz and Ron Bass

LucidLucid by Adrienne Stoltz
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sloane and Maggie are two teenage girls who couldn't be more different in appearance and personality.  They share a terrible secret and know everything about one other despite never meeting or speaking face to face.  At night, they dream that they are each other.  Which girl and life is real and which is the dream?

I loved the premise and overall concept of this book.  The chapters alternate between each girl's life (or dream) as they try to navigate through school, boys, jobs, family, and the horrible realization that one of them isn't real.  After a couple of chapters of each girl's story, I was completely engrossed and couldn't put it down.  I haven't read a book this fast in a long time.  Fair warning:  the ending is not completely cut and dry, so don't expect to have all the answers.  It didn't bother me, but I know it can really annoy some people.  The language and sexual references (no scenes, just discussions and innuendos) are about the equivalent of a PG-13 movie, so I wouldn't recommend this for younger teens/kids to read.  Fascinating book and a great book club discussion choice.

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Grammie Star Wars said...

So not for our library here then ;.)

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