July 21, 2010

Bare Walls Be Gone

Time for a quick and easy DIY art project.  I love modern art and was instantly inspired when I saw this post HERE at The New Domestic.  It looked easy and created a big impact.

I started off with a blank canvas, mine was 30x40 inches.  I drew out a few possibilities and then started taping my canvas.  I used 1/2 inch artists tape.

You can see the white tape on the white canvas a little better here.  Once you are happy with your tape, it's time to start painting.

I painted my accent yellow color first and then did the blue.

You may need more than one coat.  Let it dry....

....and then pull the tape off.

A big statement for so little time and money.  I used some sample paints leftover from choosing wall colors earlier this year.  The blue is in my kitchen and bay window and I think the yellow will end up in the hall bathroom, still deciding.  I bought the canvas at a local craft store with a coupon for $25.  I already had the tape from a previous project and used a couple of basic sponge brushes to do the actual painting.  So easy + $25 = LOVE IT!

July 9, 2010

Fairy Princess Skirt

A friend of mine is having a little girl next month.  She has received lots of baby things already, so I decided to make something that she can use when she's a little bit older.

This skirt is so easy to make.  I don't have pictures of each step, but I think I can easily explain what I did.  First you need:

an elastic headband
ribbon (the more the better)
little jewels (I bought mine at Michaels)
a glue gun

Decide how long you want for the length of the skirt.  Double it and cut your ribbon.  Tie each middle of ribbon to the elastic band, so one ribbon length will give you two strands of the skirt hanging down.

At the bottom of each piece of ribbon, glue two jewels together.
And that is it!  Nice, huh?  A skirt like this with a matching fairy wand would be an adorable birthday or shower gift for any fairy princess.

Banana Bread, with a twist

I made a batch of my mother in law's famous banana "cake" the other day.  Usually, it is baked in a bread loaf pan and then covered with frosting, hence the banana bread loaf gets turned into a bit of a cake.  This time, I decided to bake the bread in a tart pan.  It baked much more quickly and there was enough batter left over for a mini loaf.

I frosted the top and added some mini chocolate chips.  It was delicious and gobbled up over the 4th of July weekend.  Just an idea, in case you want to spruce up your banana bread recipe.

Felt Food, The Beginning

I have been wanting to make felt food for my kids to play with for a long time and, finally, last week we started our collection.  This is a very basic version.  I only used white thread and cut everything out freehand AND very quickly sewed things together.  That is the time frame I have right now, so I'm trying to embrace what I have to work with here.
My 6 year old chose the food items, his favorites naturally.  For breakfast, pancakes with butter and syrup and an egg on the side.
Or you could just have two eggs if desired.

Lunch is a quesadilla (see the cheese peeking out?) with pickle slices.  Hey, it's his favorite, what can I say?
Dinner is spaghetti with meatballs.  My computer stubbornly refuses to turn this photo 90 degrees, despite my best efforts.  Sorry.

Yesterday, I came in from the backyard to find several puppies and a platypus feasting on felt food.  Bon appetit!

I have looked at several felt food blog posts, but my favorite one was HERE.
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