December 8, 2009

Cupcake Train

Two of my boys' birthdays are just a month apart, with Christmas in between. While they're young (or until they start protesting) we are doing the combo birthday thing. They are turning 2 and 3 this I'm pretty sure they don't mind.

They are both in love with Thomas the train and I didn't have time to do a large Thomas the tank engine cake with fondant and all of the works, so we opted for a simple but adorable cupcake train.

We jazzed it up with a cheap "grass colored" tablecloth and laid "track" down using black electrical tape.

I bought a blue tablecloth and cut out a lake, just for fun.

My platform cars were made with marshmallow wheels, a toothpick in between to hold them together.

Two sets of wheels glued to a graham cracker with frosting. For best results, let dry overnight.
(Not pictured: I glued on Oreos to the marshmallows to make the wheels more prominent. You could just leave the Oreos off and just stick with the marshmallows too)

I bought those silicone cupcake liners and I loved them. You could do regular round cupcakes too.

Line them all up, and there you go! The boys loved it. The Thomas engine is a bath toy and I got the "Happy Birthday" candles at Walmart. This whole thing took about 2 hours to put together and had just as much wow factor as a 3D Thomas cake (which would have taken me at least 2 days). Happy Birthday A and T!


Nat Attack said...

Your creativity knows no bounds lady! This is so fun!

balloongal said...

That is really wonderful. Choo Choo!

Heather said...

that is sooooooo cute! seriously, LOVE IT. i am totally going to do this for Rowan's 2nd birthday. (if he loves i better start introducing him to the train!) you are too stinking creative girl!

poppyclementine said...

Is the "bath toy" Thomas you refer to just the Thomas bath squirter? I've ordered them (there is a set of 3) but they're not here yet, so I'm not sure how big those are and if that will do the job or if I should be looking for a different Thomas bath toy. I adore this Thomas cupcake train and am doing it for my son's 3rd next month. Thanks for the idea!

T @ The Happy Clipper said...

Love this! I'm doing something similar for my son's 3rd birthday tomorrow. Thanks for the inspirations!

Kiki said...

Found your site from pinterest. Thank you so much! We'll be making this tomorrow :)

Swords Mom said...

How do you "glue" the oreos to the marshmallows? Are you talking actual glue...could you just cut the ends off the marshmallows so the sticky part is exposed? In the process of making this! So coll!

Passion0513 said...

This is a great idea, and a great work, will be using it for my son's birthday! Thank you for sharing!

c davenport said...

Very nice and unique. I think I can pull this one off for my grandson's 5th birthday party. Since he's still in love with trains. Thanks for sharing.

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