October 18, 2011

Homemade French Bread

My friend is a fabulous cook and recently showed me how to make her yummy homemade french bread.  Now, I don't do bread.  Yeast and I have a tumultuous relationship at best.  I watched my friend make her bread from start to finish and went home and tried it myself the next day.  The bread rose and looked alright, maybe a little flat.  It tasted good, but the it was a lot more dense than my friend's version.  I should have take a picture to post, to keep things real on this blog, but alas I didn't.  The next flop, cooking or crafting, I will post on here, promise.

Anyway, last night, I decided to try again.  I bought new yeast and was careful not to overwork the dough when rolling it out.  Much better the second time around.  Relief and triumph, rolled into a delicious slice of yumminess.

We ate it with lasagna and spinach salad.  No, I did not make the lasagna.  That is what Costco is for...I'm not crazy.  I'll just make two loaves of french bread that I could pick up at the grocery store for $1.50 each instead.

I caught my husband eating a couple of leftover slices for breakfast this morning.  That's when you know it's good. 

If you are interested in the recipe, let me know and I can post it...or if you live nearby, give you a demonstration.  I'm a visual gal and need to see it being made for it all to make sense for me.  From start to finish, this bread takes about 2.5 hours.  That's including rising and baking time.  Not too bad for french bread.  AND if I can do it....you definitely can.  I don't know anyone who can mess up yeast recipes like yours truly, so this will be a walk in the park for the rest of you.

October 17, 2011

Spider Web Sugar Cookies

Fall carnival at school was last weekend.  I volunteered to make treats for the cake walk instead of working a booth.  
Best.  Decision.  Ever.

Wrapped them up individually so they would be easy to pass out to the kids.

Love the way these turn out and they are really fun to make.  I have an old post HERE with step by step instructions.

October 13, 2011

Halloween Decor 2011

Bats leading into the house.  Yes, I am working on the outside paint color selection.  It was like this when we moved in, I swear!

Bats everywhere!

Candy corn wreath from last year.

Scary silhouettes from a couple of years ago.

 Bat idea and template shamelessly copied from MADE.  Love her site.

The big white patches have since been sanded and painted over, thanks to my handy husband.  We moved and changed some lighting around and you can't tell where the old holes used to be.

Fireplace and mantle with our lounging skeleton that we have had forever, probably the boys' favorite decoration, as he is bendy and poseable.

My pumpkin family.

Ikea lanterns and little pumpkin candle holder from college days.  The artwork is from South Africa, shaved wood on fabric.  My brother bought it for my while serving a mission over there.

October 12, 2011

Roses and Hydrangeas Cake

Roses and Hydrangeas cake for a friend's birthday. 

Completely copied from i am baker.  I love all of her cakes.

This was a mini cake and my first attempt at hydrangeas.

The roses were a bit too big for the size of cake, but I learned a lot making this and will be able to improve upon it for the next time I find an excuse to make a flowery, girly concoction. 

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