August 30, 2009

Rowan is 1!

A little birthday gift for Rowan who will be ONE year old!

I tried to match the colors of your cute crown, Heather.

And a bonus bib for that messy eating-cake-with hands-moment, if you choose to use it.

I couldn't find the right color in the store, so this is one of my kids' bibs, hope you don't mind, Heather. Just FYI, my sewing machine was being pretty difficult when I did don't look at the back of these pieces too much. I think my cheap-o machine might have a terminal disease.

August 22, 2009

A Couple of J's and a B

A bubbly "B" for Brayden.

A lavender "J" for cute little Jill.

A fun striped "J" for Jason.

I do not like "B"s I've decided. They are the hardest letter so far, but I'm glad I got some practice. Hope you like these everyone and let me know how they wash up.

Crystal, I need your address so I can send your shirt to you. Thanks!

Toy Story (Andy's Room) Birthday Cake

One of my son's ABA therapists was complaining the other day about not being able to find a cute cake for her two-year-old son's Toy Story birthday party. She had some Toy Story figurines, but didn't know what to do with them. I quickly chimed in that I would love to design and make a cake for her....and voila! I give you Andy's bed! I had so much fun making this cake and learned A LOT about fondant and royal icing.

I need to write a bunch of notes to myself about this cake because chances are, next year when Toy Story 3 comes out, either one of my boys or a friend's child will possibly want something I need to remind myself here before I forget some of the details.

The cake itself is two 9x13 inch white cake mixes, crumb coated and draped with white fondant. I attempted to do a bed corner fold in the corners so it looked like a sheet. Work fast with fondant, it dries quickly. I put dowels in the bottom "box spring" cake layer for extra support. Fondant is a lot heavier than regular icing, so you need the dowels.

The base is two pieces of cardboard covered in contact paper that I picked up at Home Depot (that stuff you use to line kitchen shelves). It looks just like a wood floor, no?

Next, I tinted some fondant for the quilt, rolled it out (use plenty of powdered sugar so it doesn't stick to the counter) and indented the quilt pattern with a toothpick lightly pushed into the surface on the horizontal. I'm sure there's some fancy fondant tool that would work better. I just didn't get to the store to look around. I placed the quilt on, added a sheet border to the top, and made my pillow out of two graham crackers (cut to size) and wrapped in fondant again. I pinched the corners to make it look "pillow-y".

While mixing up a batch of royal icing, I tinted some fondant brown and wrapped four pretzel rods and four whoppers. I used a small paint brush dipped in water to get the fondant to stick to the pretzels, grahams, and candy. I "glued" them on to the bed with royal icing using a piping bag. Next time I will definitely tint the royal icing to match whatever I am gluing so you can't see it as much. The headboard was one graham cracker wrapped in fondant.

Finally, I tinted some more fondant and cut out letters using my awesome alphabet cookie cutters (I use them all the time for different things). The number "2" was made by cutting out a letter "S", turning it over, and then reshaping it a bit.

The day of the party, we "glued" on the figurines and added the candles. Wiggle them into the fondant so it doesn't crack. One Andy's Room Cake ready to go! Hope you have a great birthday Danton, enjoy!

August 17, 2009

I Have Not Forgotten.....

For those of you waiting patiently for your monogrammed shirts and onesies....I have not forgotten you. The beginning of school for one son and therapy changes for another have temporarily stopped my sewing projects. I am happy to say that I am starting to get back in the swing of things. This shirt is for Karis, I hope you like it!

The goal for the rest is the end of this week, so with a little bit of luck, I'll have the rest of them up (and mailed) soon.

August 13, 2009

Painted Bulletin Boards

My oldest is in kindergarten now and starting to bring home lots of papers and projects for display on my fridge. My youngest likes to knock everything off the fridge, so I needed a solution that would proudly display art work and assignments without little hands getting to them.

I bought some inexpensive bulletin boards, one for each child, and decided to spruce them up a bit. I taped the frame, which was already painted, and used acrylic paint and a sponge brush to paint the cork. Sorry the pictures aren't very good, I did this at night after the kids were in bed.

Warning: cork sucks up A LOT of paint. I did several, thin layers to get a deep, saturated look. I finished it off with a layer of Modge Podge to seal the paint and I'm very happy with the result.

They look good just like this, huh? You could really make these fancy with painted designs, monograms, or stamps on top of your base color, but mine are planning on being covered with crayon drawings and writing samples soon, so I decided to save myself some effort. Overall, this project took me about 2 hours. Not bad.

Send me a picture if you decide to make one of your own! Maybe we'll tack it on our boards.

August 5, 2009

Adorable DIY Favor Boxes

I found a new site that I love! These are the cutest favor boxes I have ever seen.
Style Me Pretty....check it out!

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