September 27, 2011

Happy Haunting

Found these great printables HERE via Pinterest.  I printed the bunting on white cardstock and hung it with some brown twine I had from another project.  I'm thinking of laminating it for storage and use in future years.  We'll see.

I love the fonts, reminds me of the calligraphy class I took in college.  I need to practice more often.

September 22, 2011

Tootsie Pop Indian Onesies

Last year, two of my cousins had baby boys just a couple weeks apart from each other.  This weekend, we will be celebrating their first birthdays in a double party.

I couldn't help myself and made them something matching.

This image brings back a lot of memories.  I should have bought them each a Tootsie Pop to go along with their gift.  Oh well, their moms will probably be happy I forgot.

Wrapped up with a couple of my favorite children's books, tied with a ribbon, and a little first name initial for the birthday boys.

September 21, 2011

DIY Fort Kit

Made a fort kit for a little boy's birthday gift recently.  Started off with a drawstring bag that I bought at Joann's and added a little heat transfer personalization.  There are several blogs and Pinterest pictures out there on fort kits right now.  I liked THIS one and THIS one best. 

A couple of sheets with ties I sewed on each corner.

Clothespins and a bag to keep them in, glow bracelets, a flashlight.  I've also seen suction cups with little hooks on them, but couldn't find any for my kit.

Happy Birthday, Noah!

September 20, 2011

Boise State Broncos Apron

My dad has recently been dreaming big....about buying a fancy new barbeque.  With rotisserie hook things.  And side burners.  And maybe a little fridge underneath for his root beer?

Anyway, I figured with his birthday coming up AND him shopping for a new grillin' machine AND his favorite sport is currently on all day Saturdays, this man needed a BSU apron.  Yes, he does. 

I bought a really nice apron at Williams Sonoma.  We spared no expense for this project, Daddy-o.  A little internet search produced this lovely gem of a BSU logo.  I'm guessing circa 1986, which is oh-so-appropriate considering that's about when he graduated from this fine educational establishment.  I was there.  I remember.

Grilling with a quality apron, BSU love from the 80's...but with this year's football team on the TV....what, may I ask, is better than THAT?
Absolutely nothing.

Happy Birthday, Grill Master.

September 13, 2011

Book Review: The Curse of the Pharaohs by Elizabeth Peters

The Curse of the Pharaohs (An Amelia Peabody Mystery, #2)The Curse of the Pharaohs by Elizabeth Peters

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I'm reading these out of order, and you certainly can, but I think it would be better to read them in order if possible. I'm going to try to do that from now on.  This mystery takes place after Amelia's first child is born.  She and Emerson take off on an Egyptian adventure, and of course, end up having to solve a murder in the process.  This one was a bit more predictable than the others, but maybe I am just getting better at solving the murder.

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September 10, 2011

Book Review: Seeing A Large Cat by Elizabeth Peters

Seeing a Large Cat (An Amelia Peabody Mystery, #9)Seeing a Large Cat by Elizabeth Peters

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Love this series.  Fun, entertaining, light, and always a mystery with a touch of romance.  Listened to this one on audio while I tried to exercise.  Kept my mind occupied during one of my least favorite activities.  Highly recommended, even if you enjoy working out.

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September 9, 2011

New Beginnings: Happily Ever After

My poor three year old gets to tag along when I have Young Women's projects.  Here we are getting ready to set up at the church for New Beginnings.  I brought a couple of his trains, so he was content to play.  He even helped bring in a few things.

As the girls walked in, there were rose petals and a rope light walkway into the room.  They each received a crown and program.  Our theme was "Happily Ever After", base on President Uchtdorf's April 2010 talk of the same title.  With a theme like that, we all went a little wild with the pink and princess.

Modest "princess" dresses.  The silver was my senior prom dress and the blue was a winter formal dress.

The front table was covered with "castles" or pictures of LDS temples around the world.

Our dessert table.  My friend spent forever gathering and sewing that pink table skirt.  It turned out beautifully and now she can use it for her party planning business.  Hopefully she is recovered now from working on it for so long.

Pink and white poms

Chocolate dipped marshmallows


Fresh fruit, pink juice, and jewels strewn about the table.

We had a great turnout and our president and bishop gave some wonderful talks about working towards your "happily ever after".  I hope the girls enjoyed it as much as us leaders had putting it all together.

September 7, 2011

Book Review: Wise Child by Monica Furlong

Wise Child (Doran, #1)Wise Child by Monica Furlong

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Interesting read and I like the writing.  A young adult/children's book set in the Middle Ages about a supposed witch and her young apprentice.  Some sage words of wisdom about love, life, and how to treat others.  Don't take the historical value of it too seriously and it's a great read.

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September 4, 2011

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