July 2, 2009

Chore Chart

It's time to start our first chore chart for my 5 year old. I used the custom chore chart maker found HERE to make my template. I chose to keep it simple, but you can embellish quite a bit if you wish.

I laminated the chart itself and then my son and I sat down to think of chores. We thought of a lot of different ones, that way each week or two we can change it up and not only learn a variety of ways to help around the house, but also so we don't get bored with the same ol' chores all the time. I also laminated some cute gold stars to stick on when we complete a chore. Once we get a certain amount of stars up on the chart, he gets paid! We're really into putting money in our piggy bank right now.

Testing to make sure everything fits.

Here it is in our fridge, waiting for us to decide what chores to put on here this week. I added some envelopes to the bottom to hold the chore cards and stars. I think I'm going to add velcro pieces to the chart for easy sticking and removal.
Time to go clean something!

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