July 20, 2009

More Baby Onesies

I have two perfectly good excuses for making so many of these lately. First, I have 4 friends/relatives expecting girls in the next few months. Second, I need to practice sewing. My biggest worry is how they hold up in the wash. So far, so good!

I did this one by hand stitching, just to see how it turned out.

These ruffles are fun and pretty easy to do. I've been giving a couple of these away with a pack of coordinating Baby Legs.

By the time I finished this "M", I started getting the hang of it all. I need to practice more letters...I'm willing to make one for you if you want! I need to know what letter, preferred color, and size of onesie. Leave me a comment or e-mail! Boys are welcome too!


Jen Gillespie said...

Britt, I love these! If you have the time/energy, I would love one. And since all our kids are J names, and are going to be J names...J would be great! Multiple uses! Jill is in the 9-12/12 month size, but if you just have smaller that is fine. Like I said, they will all be J names. What a sweetie you are. Thanks a ton.

The Hutton Family said...

Oh my gosh those are so cute! I really want to learn how to make those! You can make one for my son. His name is Brayden and he wears size 12 months. Good to see you are doing so well! Crystal "Baird"

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