January 19, 2011

Train Birthday Bash

We have birthdays right before and after Christmas in our family.  Our baby turned 3 at the beginning of January.  His favorite drink is milk and I couldn't help myself when I saw these cute snowman guys on Bakerella.  There are a few versions that she has links to on her site as well.  I used orange tic tacs for the nose and mini chocolate chips for the eyes and mouth.  Hot glue some buttons onto a cute glass jar and stick a straw through a powdered doughnut hole.  Done.... and he loved them.

This is a repeat cake from last year.  The amount of work to maximum birthday boy happiness ratio is so high that we had to make it again.  He's still obsessed with trains, so why not?  We added red fondant to the cupcakes this year and Lightning McQueen cupcake toppers for our other birthday boy, whose birthday is in December and loves "Cars".


balloongal said...

Oh those are both so cute. I love seeing the projects you do.

The 3 Ga Coombs said...

I love your cake idea. How did you attach the Oreos to the marshmallow/graham cracker bases?

Brittney said...

Dear "The 3 Ga Coombs",

I just used some white frosting to "glue" the Oreos to the marshmallow wheels, worked great. It's best if you can do it a few hours in advance, or even the night before. It gives the frosting lots of time to harden and keep everything together.

Thanks for checking out my blog!

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