February 6, 2011

Paperwork Pileup: An Organization Attempt

I have a problem with paperwork piling up all over my house.  Between school papers, sports, speech therapists, doctors' stuff, and, of course, bills, I can't keep it all straight.  It's been driving me crazy for a while and finally I decided to do something about it after I saw this: 

Jen at Tatertots and Jello did a guest post at Brooklyn Limestone and I was inspired.  I threw in a desire to use some Modge Podge thanks to Amy at Modge Podge Rocks.  I love checking out others' blogs and ideas and making them my own.

I started off with a clear wall hanging file ($2.99 each) from Target.  I grabbed the last two in the store.  I hope they get more soon.  I mounted mine on the wall with 3M strips because this will not be their permanent location.  Once my new computer desk is in place, they will be moved across the room.  This works for now and those 3M strips are amazing.

Here's the look with some files in them.  Not bad, but not my favorite either.

I loved Jen's idea with the pretty die-cut paper in her file, but decided I wanted to wrap this fun fabric around mine instead.  This fabric was purchased at IKEA a while ago and I have not seen it there since.  

Modge Podge directly onto the plastic file, press and wrap your fabric around tightly.  Pretend like you are wrapping a present and be liberal with the Modge Podge. 

When you are done, trim off excess fabric, give the outside of the fabric a liberal coat of Modge Podge and let dry completely.

Hang it on your wall and you are organizing in style.  I'll report back later on my paper filing progress.  I hope this will help solve the problem!


The Tribe of Scott said...

Wow! Love it Britt!!

Heather said...

very cute- love a project that will help me be organized!

Waters said...

oooooooooooooh, I love this.

balloongal said...


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