February 8, 2011

Preschool with a Silhouette

I love my Silhouette that I received for Christmas last year.  I put it to good use the other day when we had "preschool" over at our house.  We did the letter A and D.  First, a line of glue in the shape of an A.  The kids put little apples on the glue to make their letter.  All the apples were cut with my Silhouette.  Would have taken forever by hand.

We also did the letter D.  (We were playing catch up with the letter A due to illness a few weeks ago.)  The girls chose princess outfits for their paper dolls.  I helped glue them on.

Tyler, of course, did not want a princess dress.  He was content with just regular clothes.

Preschool is so much fun.  They are so eager to learn and participate.


Heather said...

what a cute idea! i got a silhouette for christmas this year, but returned it - i swear mine was not working right....i say that cause my friend has one and after using hers i know i got a lemon! unfortunately i did not get a replacement cause i ended up having to replace my camera! :0( but keep the ideas coming cause i hope to get another silhouette down the road!! :0)

balloongal said...

Great. It's wonderful when you can involve children in your interests.

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