October 13, 2011

Halloween Decor 2011

Bats leading into the house.  Yes, I am working on the outside paint color selection.  It was like this when we moved in, I swear!

Bats everywhere!

Candy corn wreath from last year.

Scary silhouettes from a couple of years ago.

 Bat idea and template shamelessly copied from MADE.  Love her site.

The big white patches have since been sanded and painted over, thanks to my handy husband.  We moved and changed some lighting around and you can't tell where the old holes used to be.

Fireplace and mantle with our lounging skeleton that we have had forever, probably the boys' favorite decoration, as he is bendy and poseable.

My pumpkin family.

Ikea lanterns and little pumpkin candle holder from college days.  The artwork is from South Africa, shaved wood on fabric.  My brother bought it for my while serving a mission over there.


NatAttack said...

I am in LOVE with those pumpkins inside our fireplace. Brilliant idea. I love an uncarved pumpkin SO MUCH so this is dreamy.

Stefanie said...

Love those bats. They turned out awesome! Ashley did the same thing and I want to copy it so bad! Super cute.

The Tribe of Scott said...

Love it!! And You!! What fun your boys must have. I was never that creative and look how you turned out! AMAZING!!

balloongal said...

I LOVE those decorations. And the bats everywhere are so fun.

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