February 18, 2012

Drawer Sticker Labels

Two of my boys share a dresser and the youngest was having a hard time remembering where his clothes were stored.  I saw THIS at crafterhours and knew that was the answer to my problem.  I used her clothes template, tweaked a little bit and cut the shapes out on yellow vinyl.

One wears boxer briefs...

The other prefers tighty-whities...with Thomas the train on them.

Shorts, pants


The dresser is in a strangely lit area, so sorry for the bad photos.  I wasn't going to move the entire dresser, filled with clothes just for a couple of pictures.  Sorry, I love you....but not that much.

The good news is my no longer confused four-year old can find his clothes easily and quickly now. Hooray!  I love fast, easy, and functional projects.

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Grammie Star Wars said...

This is a great birthday gift to a child too.


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