April 26, 2012

Cake Decorating 101

A week ago, two of our YW had birthdays on mutual night.  We decided to celebrate with birthday cupcakes, which led to a demonstration and short class on some basic piping skills.

I made three batches of buttercream, colored and filled the bags beforehand so we could get right to work.

The best way to practice piping is to get a plastic sheet protector (used in binders) and pipe away.  It's easy to wipe off and you can reuse the frosting.  When you are comfortable, you can then work on your cupcake or cake.

Here is my demo board, complete with a couple of different writing styles using the birthday girls' names.

Practicing on their sheets.  I didn't get any pictures of their finished cupcakes!  I was too busy oohing over their creations...and cleaning up.  They had a great time and hopefully they picked up a few tricks.


Grammie Star Wars said...

Love your class lesson.

When are we having ours for the adults ;.)

balloongal said...

Neat. I love to see what you do with the youth in your ward.

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