April 11, 2013

Disney Kids Shirts

Made these shirts for the boys...we are heading to Disneyland in a few weeks!  This is the first Disneyland trip for our boys and they are so excited.  I've been all over the internet and Pinterest looking for advice and tips for traveling.  I'll share all of my findings after we get back and I can put my acquired knowledge to the test.

These shirts were so fun to make, just an image search online and a free Disney font download.  Hopefully we'll get a cute picture with Donald Duck and the boys.


Grammie Star Wars said...

When are you going?

You are going to have so much fun! Are you going for a week?

Go early for Carsland ;.) The best ride ever!!! Also you can have Doug stand in line for the FastTrack tickets while you stand in line with the boys. Then you will receive two rides really awesome!!!

Use the FastTrack as much as possible, enjoy the food especially the Dole Pineapple swirl. Oh, I miss those ;.)

Enjoy your early entrance day, lots of fun. Also, if you have them take your pictures you can have them put onto a CD and you can copy them off at Costco.

The Turkey Legs are delis!

The Fireworks are awesome even from the back near Small World. If you go early you will see the pictures that were taken during the day on display of the Small World that is awesome to watch especially if you are looking for yourselves.

The Fireworks in front of the Castle are lots of fun also, remember that even if you sit there beginning at 6 p.m. everyone will be asked to stand up to view the fireworks.

Oh there is so much more to share, but I a m sure you have gained much knowledge already.

Just enjoy and soak it all in, memories are awesome!!!


Lalani said...

The shirts are amazing. What a great idea!

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