February 9, 2009

Valentine Sun Catcher Craft

My four year old and I made these fun Valentine hearts today.
crayons with the wrappers off
pencil sharpener
wax paper
iron and ironing surface
2 sheets of thick paper or cardboard
scissors and heart stencil (or free hand it)
small hole punch
twine and tape for hanging

Start off with a piece of wax paper, folded in half and then open back up. Place one sheet of cardstock or cardboard underneath wax paper to protect your working surface from the heat of your iron.

Unwrap your crayons and get shaving! Scotty could do it but it took him a long time, so I would take over periodically.

Spread your crayon shavings over the wax paper, but not too thickly. You can do color combos (these were Scotty's choice) or you can do one solid color.

Fold over wax paper and crimp edges.

Place cardstock or cardboard on top and iron on medium heat. My cardboard was pretty thick so I did about 15-20 passes. Keep the iron moving and check every once and a while on your progress.
(Sorry, forgot to rotate this picture)

Voila! Good color choices, very camo-like.

Let cool completely (30 seconds was plenty for us) and cut your your heart with scissors.

The wax paper fuses together really well, so there's no mess since they can't come apart.

Punch a small hole in center and thread with red twine. Hang in a window that gets lots of light with tape.
Happy Valentine's Day!

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