August 30, 2009

Rowan is 1!

A little birthday gift for Rowan who will be ONE year old!

I tried to match the colors of your cute crown, Heather.

And a bonus bib for that messy eating-cake-with hands-moment, if you choose to use it.

I couldn't find the right color in the store, so this is one of my kids' bibs, hope you don't mind, Heather. Just FYI, my sewing machine was being pretty difficult when I did don't look at the back of these pieces too much. I think my cheap-o machine might have a terminal disease.


Heather said...

how sweet! thanks you so so so much Brittney! The bonus bib is awesome- THANKS! you're a sweetheart. Maybe a new machine is what you should ask for for Christmas...........or perhaps Doug will just get you one out of the blue, cause he seems cool like that! Can't wait to get the "goods!" THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

You definitely need to teach me how to do this. Love you- Abby

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