September 16, 2009

Onesie Applique Tutorial (Monogram)

These are for baby Blake. Want to make one? Here's what you need:

Onesie, washed
Fabric, washed and pressed
Wonder Under (buy it off the bolt at fabric/craft stores)
Letter monogram to trace (cardstock works great)
Craft knife
Pen or Pencil
Coordinating thread
Sewing machine

Place fabric WRONG side up and place a piece of Wonder Under (rough side down) on top. Press with hot, but dry (no steam!) iron for a few seconds.
You can use other iron-on adhesives, but this is my favorite to sew with. You can also trace your letter on the fabric and adhesive separately and then fuse together...experiment and find your preferred method.

Peel the paper backing off of the adhesive.

Trace your letters onto your adhesive/fabric. If you are doing a non-symmetrical letter, make sure you trace it on backwards so when you turn your fabric over it is facing the correct way. Do it once, and you'll see what I mean.
For my letter, I found a cute free font on the web and printed it out on cardstock. Instant stencil.

Cut out your letters.

If you have enclosures, use a craft knife to carefully remove the excess fabric.

These first steps are quick, so you might as well make a few in case you mess up or want to use them for another project.

Place your letter on your onesie and press with a hot, dry iron for about 15 seconds or so. Don't move the iron around, since that might shift your letter.

They look so cute! For a one time wear, these are good to go. If you want them to hold up in the wash though, we need to sew them down for extra durability.

I do a zigzag stitch around the outside of my letter first. If you want to use stabilizer at this point, go ahead and do so. I don't use it, but a lot of people really like the extra control it can bring when sewing on knit fabric.

Make sure your needle is down when you lift your pressure foot up to turn around corners. This can take some time and practice, but once you got got it.
Once you've made it all the way around your letter, back stitch well for extra support.

Don't forget to sew the enclosures too, if you have a letter A, B, D, O, P, Q, or R.

I heard Blake received some camo burp cloths from his grandma, so I thought I would coordinate.

Hope this was helpful. Leave a comment if something needs clarification. Have fun sewing these, they are a bit addictive!


The Crazy Heads said...

I know this is really late, but these are so cute!!!!

Heather said...

good work. I love Rowans. I thanked you for that (and bib) right??? Well, here is another big THANKS just in case it slipped my mind. :0)

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