April 17, 2010

Using dowels to support a multi-layered cake

(image via moon-pie.blogspot.com)

I've had a couple of requests for explanations on placing dowels in the Toy Story cake. Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures at that step, but I found a nice image on another blog to give you an idea of what I am describing.

After a crumb coat and fondant layer on my bottom 9x13 cake, I placed dowels in my cake, just like the pictures above. (You can buy cake dowels at any cake decorating store in a pack.) The dowels ensure your bottom layer cake doesn't get squished by the weight of the top layer cake and decorations. I think I put 5 or 6 dowels in my bottom 9x13 layer, spacing them out evenly. Make sure your dowels are the same height or just slightly shorter than the cake you are sticking them into, this helps support the top layer 9x13 and any decorations you add on top. I cut my dowels using a nice, sharp pair of kitchen shears.

When it is time to serve your cake, you can disassemble your cake layers and take the dowels out, or just cut into your cake and remove dowels as you see them in the individual pieces. If you only do a few dowels, it won't be a big deal to find them.

Dowels in a multi-layered cake are essential to prevent sagging in your cake. Fondant is heavy and if you are needing to transport your cake, your bottom layer will need all the support it can get. Good luck and e-mail or comment if you need further explanation!

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