September 16, 2010


I usually leave a couple of small things at my parents' home whenever we go to visit.  A sock, a DVD left in a player, a book, etc.  This last trip was my worst ever for leaving things though.  Last week, I received a full load of laundry in the mail from my mom.  Yep, I did a load of wash while visiting, put it in the dryer the night before we headed home, and promptly forgot about it while packing up to go home.

Hello, my name is Brittney.  I am 28 years old and my mom mailed clean laundry to me.  So sad.  I guess it just goes to show that we never truly grow up and still need our mamas every once and a while.

My dad's birthday is this week and needed to get his card and gift in the mail.  I decided I needed to put a a little thank you in for my mom as well....ya know....for mailing me my laundry.  I didn't have time to shop for anything, so I turned to my trusty blogs that I love to visit for help.

Some cards for her to use for friends and family.  I also made some cupcake toppers for her to use when she makes treats for friends' birthdays or her visiting teaching ladies.

handkerchief card (not pictured)

Thanks again, Mom.

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balloongal said...

Cute. Very cute.

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