August 4, 2011

Projects, Purchases, and Perfection

We have been busy in our house with lots of projects.  Unfortunately, most of them were not fun, worth-taking-a-picture of projects.  And I should clarify that 97% of these projects were completed by my husband.  First, he installed some new recessed lighting in the living room.  You can actually see after it gets dark in here now.  We also have a new ceiling fan, but that deserves it's own post after the headache of getting it installed.  A day after we got home from vacation, we had to buy a new water heater.  Just what I want to spend hundreds of dollars on...yes.  Hey, I can see at night in my living room, I stay cool during the summer heat, and I can take a nice, hot shower.  Not exciting, but very much appreciated and necessary if my family wants to avoid "Grumpy, Mean Mom".

We recently bought a new dining table.  We love it and got a fantastic deal on it, which makes it that much more sweet.  I'll put up some better pictures with the fabulous chairs my friend found for me.  The flowers were given to me by friends and husband for my birthday last month.  My last birthday in the 20's.  Sad, but I can't do a thing about it.  If we are not eating at the table, it becomes my son's train station.  Every evening before dinner we have to listen to him howl as I remove the trains so I can set the table.  I guess that means he loves the table too.

While on vacation, we stayed one night with some great friends of ours.  Check out this accent wall and bookcase!  I am so in love with this!  My friend has a beautiful home, should have taken more pictures!

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Tiffany said...

Holy Moly! That looks like Tiff H! Is it? Tell her to email me back!

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