September 20, 2011

Boise State Broncos Apron

My dad has recently been dreaming big....about buying a fancy new barbeque.  With rotisserie hook things.  And side burners.  And maybe a little fridge underneath for his root beer?

Anyway, I figured with his birthday coming up AND him shopping for a new grillin' machine AND his favorite sport is currently on all day Saturdays, this man needed a BSU apron.  Yes, he does. 

I bought a really nice apron at Williams Sonoma.  We spared no expense for this project, Daddy-o.  A little internet search produced this lovely gem of a BSU logo.  I'm guessing circa 1986, which is oh-so-appropriate considering that's about when he graduated from this fine educational establishment.  I was there.  I remember.

Grilling with a quality apron, BSU love from the 80's...but with this year's football team on the TV....what, may I ask, is better than THAT?
Absolutely nothing.

Happy Birthday, Grill Master.

1 comment:

The Tribe of Scott said...

Ohhh you are soooo right on this one!!!

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