February 19, 2013

Letterpress and Football

 After being sick with a nasty cold for almost the entire month of January, and the first half of February playing catch up because I was sick for so long....I am finally getting around to updating my blog.  As you can imagine, there has not been a whole lot of creating going on, but I was able to squeeze in a few small things:

I got a letterpress machine (the Epic 6) and I love it.  I've only had time to pull it out twice, but I'm hoping to play with it more soon.  I'll post pictures of any cute letterpress I create.  My first time I made these cute but basic "congrats" cards on silver paper using black ink.

We did manage to have some family friends over and celebrate the Super Bowl as well.  Nacho bar and football strawberries (compliments of my husband's new job).  I did not make those football berries, but they look like they would be fun to try!

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