October 12, 2013

Grandma's Kitchen

 My mom finally got all of her kids out of her house....and was able to remodel the kitchen.  It was a major undertaking, including moving appliances and walls around.  It looks amazing though and both of my parents love it.  If you have any questions about specific items or finishes, leave me a comment and I can find out for you.

 Under cabinet lighting and a small TV, with which my mom watches the Food Network and my dad watches football and baseball.

 One of my mom's favorite features in the new kitchen is this fabulous, deep stainless steel sink.

 Because they bumped the kitchen out, they had to redo the entryway as well.  This actually used to be my old bedroom, then a guest room, then an office/storage space.

 New flooring.  Tile in the kitchen and hardwood in then entry/dining/hallway.

 New matching china cabinets in the dining room.

My dad did a lot of the renovation himself, including all of doors, moldings, and baseboards.  I'm probably going to copy a lot of their ideas when we are able to renovate.  There are still little things here and there to finish up (there always are, right?) and then they need to move onto exterior of the house, particularly the front porch since they moved the position of the front door.  Keep up the good work, I love to see all of the transformations every time we come for a visit.


Grammie Star Wars said...

What a treat to have a new kitchen ;.)

Why do we wait until they are gone, they are the ones that love to spend time with us in the kitchen ;.)

Stefanie said...

It looks amazing! Love the tile backsplash and the colors! Great job!!

Erica Layne | Let Why Lead said...

I LOVE that you shared this here! It's beautiful! Good for them.

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