May 29, 2011

Rose Cake

Book club coincided with a member's birthday this month, so we made a birthday cake for the refreshment.  I saw this rose cake HERE at i am baker and had to try it.   Great photos and step by step instructions.

Deceptively simple, but it takes a lot of frosting.  Our birthday girl's favorite color is purple, so we added a light dusting of violet with a can of cake color spray paint.  Yes, they do make that.

A little sign for the birthday girl.

Close ups.

Happy Birthday Vickie!


Anonymous said...

Seriously!? Why did I miss such a DELICIOUS Bookclub!? Crazy! That is a beautiful cake. Gorgeous! You're amazing.

Angie said...

Beautiful! Buttercream scares me, but you do such a great job with it!

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