May 18, 2012

Strike Two: iPad Case

iPad case #2 for my mom.  She loved the fabric and the idea, her only request was a "c" next to her first initial.  I can do that, easy.

NOT easy.  I will be writing down my instructions or taking pictures IF I ever make one of these again.  You think it would be straight forward.  It's not a wedding dress for goodness sake.  Maybe I was really tired, maybe I have some spatial reasoning issues, maybe I'm just not that good of a seamstress.  Probably all of the the above.  This thing was picked apart three times and finally as I am sewing on the velcro, my needle snaps in three pieces, one of which flies at my face and hits my eyeglasses (good thing I was wearing them and not my contacts).  I believe I stood up at that point and said out loud to myself, "That's it!  I'm done!"

The still doesn't fit.  I am not making another until I have her iPad in front of me.  The dimensions I am getting off the internet must not be accurate...or I just don't know how to measure.  I'm banking on the latter.

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