July 20, 2009

Sponge Water Fun

A fun summer time activity for kids to beat the heat. I call these the "reusable water balloon". They get you about as wet as a water balloon when one is thrown your way, but instead of filling a hundred one-time use balloons, you just dunk your sponge ball in water and go at it again and again!

For one sponge ball you will need:
3 standard sponges, cut into 5 pieces each (cut lengthwise)
2. A piece of strong twine or string

After cutting your sponges, arrange them as shown above with your string underneath the sponge sticks, ready for tying.

Pull string as tight as possible and double knot. Cut off extra string.
You are officially ready to have a sponge ball water fight.

I was off limits while taking pictures, but was hit plenty once I put the camera down. These are a lot of fun!

Of course, they float which is nice for my toddler who can't reach all the way down in a deep bucket. They hold up really well too, just tie that string really tight. If they come apart for some reason....just get another piece of string and tie again. Enjoy!


Jen Gillespie said...

way way cute! I love it. You are such a smart little cookie! Can't wait to make them.

The Hutton Family said...

That's awesome! I will have to try that out with my family!

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