December 9, 2010

Santa Hat Garland

This is my DIY Christmas project for the year.  My kids love it.

Santa hats bought at the Dollar Tree, sewn together, and hung like a pennant garland.  The longest part was ironing the hats so there weren't any creases.  

Back view.  You can sew them together or a glue gun would work fabulous as well.
Get some hats (little mini ones would be cute too), sew/glue them together, and hang it up.

I must apologize for my pictures.  I was trying to get a good shot with the natural light, experimenting with different settings.  My camera was on...I stepped over some toys.....lost my balance...and dropped my camera.....SMASHING the lens!  I think I killed it.  Actually, I know I killed it.  Santa, a little help please?
So, literally these are the only pictures I have.  Sorry.


balloongal said...

Oh no. Your camera.
On the lighter side- It's a cute project, though.

Heather said...

such a cute idea! love it!

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