December 21, 2011

Christmas Baking 2011

Christmas baking is in full swing.

I love this glitter tissue paper I picked up last year.  I think I have enough for Christmas 2012 as well.

There are about 20 teachers and tutors between my three kids that we wanted to give a Christmas goodie to this year.  Then there were the neighbors...and friends...and local family...

These tags from Target work great as the ribbon to tie the gift together and add our Christmas greeting.

The taste testers.  They approved.


Tiffany said...

I didn't get any Christmas baking done this year. I just didn't need more sweets on my counter and I'd done something different for "friend" gifts this year, so it just didn't happen. Yours turned out cute and I'm sure everyone love it!! Merry Christmas, miss you guys.: )

Grammie Star Wars said...

I hope I am able to sample one of these while I am visiting one of your friends on Sunday this week.


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