December 17, 2011

Oregon Trail T-shirt

Did you play the "Oregon Trail" in elementary school during your computer lab time?  Well, where I grew up, we did.  It was on the ancient computers that were a black screen with the green text...can't remember what they were called.  I'm starting to feel old now.  Anyway, I was able to recreate the famous "game over" line for my brother on a shirt for Christmas.

Oh... the memories. 

My brother and sister in law are going on a trip for Christmas and thus opened their gifts before they left. Another gift I am able to share without giving it away too early, yeah!

My sister in law's gift will have to wait though...she received a similar gift as my mother and mother in law.  Can't wait to share...8 more days!


Grammie Star Wars said...

You are Amazing ;.)

balloongal said...

Ha Ha Ha. Oh, I remember that game very well. Good memories.

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