March 11, 2013

Chocolate Ginger"dead" Men

 Using some leftover chocolate cookie dough from my son's Mirror, Mirror cookies, I decided to try out a cookie cutter I bought last year after Halloween:

 Picked this up on clearance because I knew my boys would love these scary-but-cute cookies.

I first tried it out on some regular sugar cookie dough last November and it was a dismal failure. 

 First you cut out your dough in the gingerbread man shape using this side of the cutter.

Then, you flip it over and use the stamper side to indent the dough with the skeleton design.  Throw those cookies in the oven and bake...easy, right?  NO!  I could never get the stamper to stamp cleanly into my sugar cookie dough.  No matter how much I floured or greased the dough and stamper, it would stick.  AND if I did finally get a decently stamped cookie, they puffed up too much in the oven while baking, thus rendering my tedious bone stamping efforts useless!  The whole point is to have the indentation of the bones intact after baking so you can fill it in with thinned, white frosting.  It was so aggravating that I gave up and stored the cookie cutter away, thinking I would just use the cutter side at Christmas time for normal gingerbread men.

Well, after seeing how well those Mirror Mirror cookies were holding their shape, I gave the skeleton stamper another go....

 ...and it worked!  It's all about the dough consistency, baby.  Just dust the top of the dough and stamper with a little cocoa powder and you are good to go!  I love this cookie dough and prefer the chocolate to regular sugar cookies anyway.  Win, win.

These will definitely be making another appearance this October...or if one my boys wants a skeleton themed birthday party this summer...hey, you never know with my kids.

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The Tribe of Scott said...

way cute!! I'd eat 'em :)

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