March 12, 2013

Three Baby Quilts

 Baby #1

Our YW leaders have been having babies lately!  Flannel top with a minky back, tied with cute yarn by the Laural class.  I bound the edges by cutting one side of the fabric a little smaller than the other and then rolling the edge and sewing it closed.  Didn't take too long and they all turned out cute.  Beware: Minky fabric (the cute, bumpy, soft fabric that everyone loves) is really hard to work with on a sewing machine.  It's a bit stretchy and slippery, so watch your fabric to make sure it stays where you want it to stay!  Lesson learned after picking out a couple of spots where the fabric slipped out of where I  was stitching.

Baby #2

My quilt holder's head showing a bit here...

And his assistant....

 Quilt holder's arms getting very tired!

Baby #3

Babies #2 and #3 are twins, thus the matching fabric.  Can't wait to get these delivered, Enjoy!

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