June 24, 2013

Star Wars Party Favors

Found these adorable party favor printables at Sandy Toes and Popsicles. Actually, it's a Father's Day kit, but we changed it to party favors.  I didn't put together all the printables, check out the link if you want to see the rest.  These were a breeze to make: just a trip to the grocery store, some printing, cutting, and taping.  My boys enjoyed helping putting them together as well.

The Vaderade was my favorite.

We used Pringle chips for the R2D2, Rolos for Hans, individually wrapped cookies for Chewie, red Gatorade for Darth Vader, Trident for the Boba gum, a jar of trail mix for Jar Jar Binks, and a can of Sprite for Yoda.

Not pictured:  We made the pretzel Lightsabers too.  Just dip large pretzel rods in tinted chocolate, leaving a bit of pretzel uncovered for the hilt.

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