August 17, 2010

And the Winner Is.....

The winner of the "100th Post Giveaway" is:

#8 Jen Gillespie said:
Britt, I don't know how you find the time to do all of this. You must be super-mom! I started following you. As much as I would love one of your quilts...I would NEVER do that to you! But I know little Jill would love the fairy princess skirt. Too cute!

Congrats, Jen!  The Fairy Princess Skirt it is!  I'll email you and we'll discuss colors and I'll make sure and put a picture on my blog before I send it off.  I would love to make a quilt for you too, but I think it would be best for everyone involved if I actually finished an entire quilt before I start giving them away as gifts....and learning how to sew straighter lines wouldn't hurt either.  I think I need to try baby sized quilts, much easier to work with and less work overall.  Someday...

Well, in other news, I have some great projects to show all of you that I have been saving up over the last week.  Here is our first one, modeled by my lovely assistant.

Plum colored bow ties for all of the little nephews to wear at my little brother's wedding next week!  They were a lot easier to make than I anticipated.  I searched around a bit, and finally used this tutorial HERE to help me create my version.

  Since finishing said ties, I was asked by my other brother (age 16) if I would make him one as well, thus excluding him from wearing the matching neck tie that all the other male family members are wearing.  I'll have to make it a bit bigger, but why not?   I'll probably use Velcro on the back, just like the little boy ones.  He he!


Jen Gillespie said...

YEAH!!!!! I'm so excited. I got your e-mail and am replying to it. Way cute bow-ties...and cute assistant!

balloongal said...

I LOVE those bowties. Well done.

Summer's Blog said...

Your bro is too funny.

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