August 9, 2010


We are all hard at work here, getting ready for school by polishing up our workbook skills and doing projects for my younger brother's wedding in 3 weeks!  I am making bow ties for the nephews and headbands for the nieces, along with a homemade wedding gift, stay tuned for the finished projects, they are all currently in progress.

So, I have reached the wonderful milestone of 100 posts on my ABWB project blog!  To celebrate, I would like to give a project away.  That's right, I will do one of the projects on this blog, just for YOU!  

How to Enter:

1.  Follow this blog.  Sign up by clicking on the "Follow" button on the left.  This will send my project posts straight to your e-mail or reader. (If you are already Following than you don't need to sign up again, just leave a comment with your project choice).

2.  Look around on this blog under "Looking for Something?" and "Projects I Want To Try" (the right side of screen) to find a project that you want me to make for you.  It could be the Petals Backpack or a Fairy Princess Skirt or the Strawberry Bag or a Monogrammed Baby Onesie.  

Use some discretion when choosing your project.  For instance, it would be pretty much impossible for me to make you a Toy Story birthday cake if you don't live around here locally.  Or unless you want me to fly out to your house, I probably wouldn't be able to Repaint Kitchen Cabinets.  If you don't live in northern Cali, choose a project that I can ship to you with relative ease...please.  :)

Ok, so follow this blog and leave a comment with your project choice.  Spread the word and tell your friends...there's a lot of great projects on here!  I'll randomly choose a winner on Tuesday, August 17th in honor of school starting for my kids!  Hooray for school!


Lalani said...

Following you on my Reader...I LOVE the Sponge Ball Fun. They are so cute, and I know my little girls would absolutely love them at the pool.

Tiffany said...

So what do the headbands you're making look like? I've been on a roll here making some too, would love to see yours.

Addy said...

Love the I Spy Bags, perfect for car rides.

Emily said...

That strawberry bag thing is adorable. I love all of these projects!

PrettyCraftyPrincess said...

My daughter would LOVE that Cinderella tutu.

The Boyles said...

Brittney - So glad you posted this because I had forgotten about your craft blog! You have some cute ideas and I am now a follower :) I LOVE the tent tables, but I realize that could be hard to send so another idea I thought was super cute was the I am a Child of God project. Thanks for sharing your fun ideas!

Heidi F. said...

I love the Fairy Princess skirt! It would be perfect for my baby girl. I am so impressed by all that you've created! It's been a while since we lived at Wymount and I'm glad that I found your craft blog.

Jen Gillespie said...

Britt, I don't know how you find the time to do all of this. You must be super-mom! I started following you. As much as I would love one of your quilts...I would NEVER do that to you! But I know little Jill would love the fairy princess skirt. Too cute!

Tiffany said...

This is my entering your giveaway so don't count my first post. I can't decide if I should make it easy on you or not : ) I'd love a loaf of your poppy seed bread but that table tent looks awfully cute. You decide.

Waters said...

okay seriously Britt you make me sick. With your boys, husband, keeping house, life, I find it humbling how you do everything.
I am now a "follower," although Ive often poked my head in in the past.
As for my choice? Well if I am still in the running for being a winner, that is, considering since it is so late) I would love the motivation and courage you have to do all your projects. Please mail that right away, if I win, overnight too.
In reality, if I still qualify and if I win, I'll choose the strawberry bag, may I request a zipper on it?
There you have it Brittney darling, thank you for all your motivation thus far!

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