January 25, 2012

Yoda Onesie

My friend recently had her second boy and pinned this on her Pinterest board.  So cute!  I hadn't given her a baby gift yet and thought I could pull this off.

My version.
I made my design using my Silhouette software, a lot of circles and rectangles put together and tweaked.  The ears were a leaf image and for the cane I used a candy cane image, deleting the stripes of course.

I used a printable heat transfer for dark fabric, printed it on my 7+ year old injet printer, and fed it into my Silhouette machine to cut around the image.  A couple of minutes with the ol' iron and ironing board and viola!  A cute Yoda...didn't know that was possible, but here he is.

I hope she likes it!  Congrats, Rachel!

Oh, I also gave her a laminated set of THESE, one of my go-to gifts.


balloongal said...

Great job with the Yoda. It is so adorable.

Grammie Star Wars said...

Your talents go on and on!


Steph and Eric said...

Britt that is so awesome. Is your Yoda design something you could share. I think all the Bacon boys need one of this in all the various sizes!!!

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