March 30, 2012

170th Birthday Party

This month, the women's organization of my church celebrated it's 170th birthday.  We had a humanitarian night and birthday cake for dessert.

This was a golden vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream icing.  I used a fun method involving a paper towel to make the buttercream look smooth like fondant.  I'll have to try and do a tutorial sometime.  I'm still learning, but liked the way it turned out.  I added colorful dots on the top and sides using my cake decorating tips.  I flattened the imperfections down by using my finger dipped in powdered sugar, worked great.

The inspiration cake, found HERE at i am baker.

And, just so you know... when I bake and decorate a cake, the house explodes.  Dishes are never done.  Dirty laundry overflows.  Toys are everywhere.  Just keepin' it real, people.  I printed off the previous picture as a reference as I dotted my cake.

If you are celebrating 170 years, you should make it known.

Happy Birthday, Relief Society!

1 comment:

Grammie Star Wars said...

What? They are that old already? ;.)

The cake is beautiful, hope you all had a great time.


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