March 27, 2012

Third Time's A Charm

 I finally finished the third and final quilt for my boys' beds.  The first two were bunk bed quilts, this one is a little longer to fit a regular twin size bed.

Quilt top

In progress.  I went to a Scrapbooking/Craft Weekend at my friend's mom's house, about an hour away.  It was so much fun and I almost finished the entire quilt while I was there.  I was also introduced to dark chocolate cream cheese.  Dangerous stuff.

The above picture is the best one I have of the oval detailing I did on the white sides.  Each of the quilts have a different pattern; one is triangles and the other scallops or semi circles.

Lots of scrapbooking, crafting, eating and talking.  I had a great time...and my husband is a saint for letting me go all weekend.

My friend Jamie, tuckered out.  Due to unforeseen home construction projects, she had to bring her kids, including the 8 month old who doesn't sleep very well.  At least she was able to sneak a nap in on Saturday.  We all took turns holding the baby and playing with the other kids, so she was able to get a little crafting in too.  Perhaps she will forgive me for posting this picture of her if I tell you that she has a ton of great crafting ideas and a cute blog, check it out HERE.

The finished product.  Thanks Amy and Maddie for holding it up for me so I could sneak a couple of pictures.

The grateful recipient.  This is my five year old, Austin.  He is severely autistic and is unable to speak or communicate in typical ways.  He has, however, communicated very successfully how much he loves this quilt by snuggling in it every chance he gets.  That's all I need.

I have three or four more quilts planned in my head...a couple I have most of the fabric for already too.  I've got to do some less time consuming projects first though.  Am I officially a quilter yet?  Maybe after I make one that isn't all just strips of fabric.  :)

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Jamie said...

Seriously, I am plotting my revenge....

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