March 8, 2012

Exercise Update

My mom bought me these new running shoes when I was in town for a visit a couple of weeks ago.  I love them, thanks Mama (and Dad too, of course)!

I am in the middle of week 5 of the Couch to 5k program and still doing well.  I did take a week off in between weeks 3 and 4 due to traveling out of state and little stomach bug, but I got right back to business the following week.  I am past the halfway point, meaning there is definitely more running than walking.  It's hard, but I can do it.  The mental battle of psyching myself up to get out the door to run is sometimes harder than the run itself.  I'm pretty tired after my workout and my legs feel a bit wobbly, but I usually feel pretty good and back to normal an hour or two afterwards.  My biggest obstacle this week has been lack of sleep, partly due to my horrible seasonal allergies and partly due to me just staying up late.  I can definitely feel the difference when I run if I haven't been sleeping well.  I'm more sluggish and my legs feel heavier if I didn't get enough rest the night before.  So, the goal is getting to bed a bit earlier for the rest of the week...the running only gets more difficult from here and I need all the help I can get.

No weight loss to report, but not surprising since I took a week off and have been eating my fair share of treats lately.  I'm just glad I didn't gain anything back when I took my week off, must be doing something right!

Anyone have any good songs they like to listen to when they run?  I need some new stuff on my workout playlist.


Angie said...

I just LOVE C25K! Just wait until you get to that 20 minute run. You'll be so surprised at what you can do. I think that was the first time I had EVER run 20 minutes straight.

I don't really have any tips on music because I'm weird and like old music like running to Kenny Loggins and anything from 80's soundtracks. LOL Keep up the good work!

Ashlee said...

Um the cheerleader in you needs to try some Zumba...that is a great cardio workout! Music, dancing, and "routines". It will take you back to cheer camp!!! When you guys come up this summer I'll take you to my favorite place ever and get you hooked!

youngnhappy said...

I love how at the bottom of your post when it says "You might also like:" it shows your post for Chocolate Silk Pie. Is that part of the workout? Yum.

Jamie said...

Good job!

I used to run to lots of Kelly Clarkson, if that helps at all.

The Crazy Heads said...

Mindy Gledhill. there is a penny one, i can't think of the exact title that is so perfect. good luck!!!!!

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